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Unruly Interviews: Neal Bascomb

Unruly Interviews: Neal Bascomb

Our first ever podcast interview!

Hey folks,

Today I’ve got our first-ever podcast guest!

is the author of Faster, which tells the story of Lucy Schell, René Dreyfus, and how they beat the Nazi Silver Arrows in the Pau Grand Prix. If you liked my episode on Lucy Schell, you’ll love this interview. We’re able to talk more about Rudi Caracciola, for instance, than I was able to in my coverage. We talk about how Neal discovered Lucy’s story, the research he did, and his experience riding in the car René raced in.

Neal is also the writer behind

, which profiles the way people work and how that shapes their lives. As he says, “Think Humans of New York, but about work.” Check it out here while you give our interview a listen!

If you haven’t listened to the story of Lucy Schell yet, it might feel like this episode contains some spoilers. If you want to listen to the episode about Lucy first and then come back, no one will hold it against you!

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Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on our first-ever Unruly Interview. If there’s a historian you’d like me to interview, feel free to drop their name in the Suggestion Box! (Are you a historian who’d like to comment on a past episode? Email me at unrulyfigures@substack.com)

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