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Unruly Figures
Unruly Interviews: Annette Laing

Unruly Interviews: Annette Laing

Renegade ex-professor, Author of Non-Boring History, and YA Historical Fiction

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Welcome to another bonus episode of Unruly Figures! This week I am sitting down with

of to chat about her life as a renegade ex-professor, how historical fiction can still be useful for teaching history, and what the role of The Historian is in modern society. We have a lot of laughs and I hope you do too while listening!

In the episode, I mention a particularly great post by Annette. It’s this one right here:

Non-Boring History
More Days That Try Men's Souls
How Long is This Post? About 5,000 words. About 20 min read. You may have wondered: Why don’t I comment at Non-Boring History on the big news events of the day? Why do I stick obstinately to my original plan for Non-Boring History, to entertain you while deviously introducing you to the variety of academic history (in…
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You should also check out all of Annette’s books, The Snipesville Chronicles. They are great for young adult readers who love both historical fiction and science fiction. Time traveling through history? Incredible.

We also talk a bit about supporting independent research—it’s hard out here y’all! But I am currently running a Black Friday sale with a deep 50% discount on annual subscriptions. Subscriptions are how I manage to keep Unruly Figures going—it’s expensive to get access to archives and biographies. If you value Unruly Figures, I hope you’ll offer up a few dollars to keep it going.

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If you’re in the US (or an American celebrating abroad) have a wonderful Thanksgiving! And if you’re neither of those things, have a wonderful week anyway.

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