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Mailbag Episode: Our First Ever Ask Me Anything--Answers!

Mailbag Episode: Our First Ever Ask Me Anything--Answers!

Hey y’all,

You might have heard me lamenting it’s been a bit busy around the Unruly Figures headquarters over the last couple of months. Between freelancing picking up and editing my book, it’s been hard for me to dedicate time to answer the questions from last month’s AMA. But I wanted to finally do them some justice, so here we go!

I wish my hair ever looked this good in a bun! Source.

In this bonus episode, I answer questions from

and , as well as a secret third question from an anonymous source.

If you, like our friends in Atlanta, are looking for a place to start with Unruly Figures, I really recommend starting with episode one! Joe Carstairs was a fascinating woman, and I loved covering her. (I know the preview says that this is a paid subscription post, but it is not! Free for anyone to listen!)

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Episode 1: Joe Carstairs
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