Unruly Figures
Unruly Figures
Unruly Interviews: Being Unruly in Texas in the Early 2000s

Unruly Interviews: Being Unruly in Texas in the Early 2000s

Or, Iris Jamahl Dunkle interviewed me

Hey folks,

I’m really excited to share this bonus episode with you all today. Usually it’s me interviewing someone else, but last week

interviewed me for her Substack and now I have the recording up for anyone interested! We had a great conversation about how this podcast gets made, how it was turned into a book, and what it means to be a rebellious woman now versus fifty years ago. If you are not intrested in the recording, no worries—check out our conversation over on Iris’s ‘stack:

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I met Iris when we were fortuitously at Millay Arts at the same time. I was finishing up the first draft of my historical fiction novel, and she was doing copyedits on her upcoming book, Riding Like the Wind: The Life of Sanora Babb. (Available for preorder now!)


Unruly Figures
Unruly Figures
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