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This was so interesting! Thank you for sharing it with us. I learned so much that I didn't know. I must admit that I did know most of the sad details of Rasputin's death. I researched them due to a blood connection to the Romanovs. It must be hard for those in Rasputins bloodline today to know how he suffered. Even today, society judges things they don't understand. It's rather sad. I did not know all of the things about Rasputin that you mentioned. I grew up thinking he was this horrible, horrible, monster because that is what society painted him to be. I can't say beating someone to try and get rid of their mental illness is good at all though. He did so because rather idiotically he thought that would help. Many in that time reacted in that sort of rather idiotic way. It is SO interesting to see the connection to how people were long ago and how people act today. I also can't say that I knew as much as I thought about the Romanovs. I don't know what I believe as far as Saints go but I DO know that Queen Alexandra wrote to Queen Mary about Prince Johns battle with Epilepsy. She helped and talked Queen Mary into allowing Prince John to have friends over, etc. At least that is what I've read but honestly who can believe everything they read? Still, she was a very understanding person. If some people want to think of her as a Saint, I do believe that she'd be honoured. I've learned alot that is rather interesting. Thank you.

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